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Code Lab is an experimental game that aims to teach basic C# programming syntax and structure to young learners via the use of its game mechanics.

The player will be tasked with solving puzzles in each room in order to progress through to the end. These puzzles are either jigsaw puzzles, that are very similar to visual programming language based problems, or hacking puzzles which involve the player solving a programming problem on an object in order for them to be able to manipulate the objects attributes and methods.

The game stores questionnaire, quiz and analytic data throughout the game so that it can be used to analyse the project's successes and failures.

The game takes about 15 minutes to complete.

If you would like to contact me about the game my email address is robtomwhite@gmail.com

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Published282 days ago
AuthorRobert White
Tags3D, Education, programming, puzzler, unity
Player countSingleplayer


Code Lab Windows Build.rar (42 MB)


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