TEXT ROYALE: The Ultimate Type or Death Fight



Text Royale is a text based battle royale game created for Ludum Dare 41: Combine Two Incompatible Genres.

Your goal is to be the last remaining survivor.

Features semi-humorous interactions such as; reloading a med-kit.

Should be played in full-screen for best effect.


By entering commands, your character on the map will complete tasks.

You can type HELP in game at any point for useful commands. It is vital to know the commands as it can become quite hectic.


These are the following commands and are not case sensitive:

  • Equip(number): E.g. equip4, equips the weapon in inventory slot 4.
  • Range(number): E.g. range2, use ranged weapon on enemy number 2.
  • Use(number): E.g. use3, uses item in inventory slot 3
  • Loot: Loots area for items
  • Moveto (number): E.g. moveto3, move to 3rd location on map
  • Drop (number): E.g. drop3, drops item in inventory slot 3
  • Reload: Reload current weapon
  • Stand/Crouch/Prone: E.g. crouch will make you crouch, these stances effect accuracy, defence, threat and movement speed
  • Cover: Find the closest bit of cover
  • Restart: Restarts the game
  • Exit: Exits the game


  • Keep trying to loot at any spare moment. Just because you don't find anything once doesn't mean you will never find anything.
  • Make sure you use the cover command, it makes it harder for enemies to hit you.
  • Make sure you use crouch/prone commands, it makes it harder for enemies to hit you.
  • The best guns can be found in location 2.
  • Being inside of points of interest attracts more enemies compared to being outside.


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