A ball is thrown into Jeremy's back garden. He just needs a little help to throw it back.

Can you throw my ball back please? is a point and click adventure game in which you take control of rather troubled child in an even more troubled world.


Left click on interactable objects to...interact with them...

Left click on Jeremy to access his inventory.

Left click on objects inside of Jeremy's inventory to use them on objects in the environment.

Press escape and select Reset to reset the whole game back to the start.

PS. No sound in WEBGL version just in case it blows somebody's ears out or they don't fancy having random music blazing through their speakers by accident. Sound in the downloadable versions below. If playing via WEBGL, play in fullscreen.


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Can you throw my ball 29 MB
Can you throw my ball 33 MB
Can you throw my ball 37 MB


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Great little game. Didn't expect it to go where it did, which was awesome. Got stuck like others in the eye room with the right button being completely off screen (despite being fullscreen WebGL). Regardless, top work!

The character's eyes are always above the pocket of him!233

The left and Right buttons in the *** room are not displayed on the WebGL version so I cant finish it 

If you full-screen the game you should be able to see them.

In full screen, the outer frame of the left button is visible but the right button is still not on screen. 

That was excellent, only one problem I ran into was not seeing the last button in the eye room when the view was not full screen, well done!

What the f***, dev?

Lovely and disturbing. I hope for more Jeremy adventures. Even if they give me nightmares. :)


Loved the video - It helped me to find a couple of bugs/annoyances in the gameplay that I could quickly fix so that's great!

Yeah I wanted to make something with a bit of a creepy aesthetic and story which was very fun to do. It also gave a bit of a glimpse into my inner psyche...I may need professional help.

Thanks for checking it out!

I don't think you need professional help. You need more time to explore more of Jeremy's story... and the parts of your brain that created everything. :)