Hack the Buttonian database to figure out the correct fartphrase and input it into the Butt-Projector 5000 that's planted in your agents butt.

Best played in fullscreen. Contains very minor swear words and cartoony bottoms (so maybe NSFW?)

Click the character in the middle of the screen to start.

Created by @robthomaswhite


  • 1,2,3,4 keys are used to play the fartphrase rhythm game.
  • The i key is used to toggle the laptop screen information.
  • Left mouse button is used to turn the light off and on
  • Using the rule book, switch around the tracks based on the physical description of the Bummion and submit the track.
  • Complete the track in a guitar hero style rhythm game.

Created for the Jam DNA 9 under these criteria:

  1. Rhythm: This game requires the player to match the beat of certain fart based patterns in order to complete the levels.
  2. Hacker: The player is a hacker, they use their hacking abilities to make their secret agent's Butt-Projector 5000 output the correct fartphrase. They acquire the correct fart sequence by hacking into the Buttonian database and locating the fartphrase database.
  3. Synthwave Music: The game's backing track is synthwave music.
  4. Flatulent Sound Effects: The characters communicate via the medium of fart noises. The fartphrase sound effects are based on fart noises because the world has been taken over by a race of rogue bottoms and that is how they speak.


Fartphrase_Windows.zip 62 MB
Fartphrase_OSX.app.zip 36 MB
Fartphrase_Linux.zip 37 MB

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