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A hole opens in the side of your prison - it's time for you to escape. You've been in the dark for so long that the light only sees fit to hurt you now. Use the darkness to your advantage; end the light.

Made for the JamDNA #13 within 96 hours


  • Left click to  bounce the character towards your mouse cursor.
  • (SPOILER) hold down right mouse button to slow down time.
  • The escape key can be pressed from any level to return to the main menu (this will reset all progress - but the game is very short anyway)

Game Jam Criteria (minor spoilers):

  • Stealth
    • The player must keep to the shadows in order to avoid being killed by the main enemy/obstacle of the game - light.
  • Jump
    • The player can only move by either jumping or falling. This is achieved via the left mouse button. The character will jump towards the player cursor.
  • Purple
    • The darkness in the game is represented via the colour purple (dark purple). The player is also purple. The main character is safe inside of any purple areas whereas they are vulnerable in white coloured areas.
  • Wham! Sounds
    • The game uses onomatopoeic sound effects. These include: ting, pop, boing, knock, pshoo, shum. For some of the sound effects, text pops up near the origin of the noise stating the sound effect wording.

Follow me for gamedev stuff on Twitter over at: https://twitter.com/RobThomasWhite

or on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/robwhitedeveloper/

CREDITS / DISCLAIMER (The assets listed below were not created by me, everything else was):

One music tracks by Kevin MacLeod

"Soaring" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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Journey to the end of Light Windows.zip 32 MB
Journey to the end of Light Linux.zip 35 MB
Journey to the end of Light OSX.app.zip 33 MB

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