The Ordeal of Soggy Foot Man

Soggy Foot Man has found himself deep within an enchanted forest. Out of the hedge pops a sentient seed who proceeds to heckle Soggy Foot Man. There is only one way to silence this menace; but it is likely to start a brawl to end all brawls. How long he survives is up to you!

Best played outside of a browser (Webgl screws with sfx and FPS will be much better).


  • W,A,S,D to influence the character's movement - the character stays on that trajectory without your input.
  • Hold or click left mouse button to unleash the might of your axes upon the unnatural natural hordes. Only the tips of your axes can hurt the enemy so position yourself well.
  • Can exit game by pressing the Escape key in standalone builds.

This game was created for the JamDNA #10.


  1. Hack and slash - the game is combat focussed. As the player you both hack and slash your way through hordes of fruit-based enemies.
  2.  Nature - the game is set in a lovely forest environment. The enemies are also fruit; which is a type of food commonly found in nature.
  3.  Inertia - the player has soggy feet, as such, they remain on a singular path at a standard rate of speed (unless they are attacked, in which case they speed up slightly and then decrease speed back down to their rest point). Enemies also follow these laws when killed or damaged. The character will continue on the last known trajectory without player input.
  4. Fanfare Music - enemies will often enter the battlefield screaming out fanfare music (the seeds especially). The background music also features small sections that are fanfare-esque.


This game uses a pixel shader that I made for a previous game jam. 

This game also uses main game music (Le Grand Chase) by Kevin Mcleod, found on his website here:

"Le Grand Chase" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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The Ordeal of Soggy Foot Man 26 MB
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A very *interesting* experience, to say for sure.

The sound effects were delightfully weird and squelshy, and the graphics were on point. The low-res added to the charm.

The difficulty was well-balanced.

Cool transition effect, too!